Final Report

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EMCOSU International Report
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Other Deliverables

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EMCOSU Executive Summary
Document size: 994kB  
Insights of European Universities_Integrated report
Document size: 1170kB  
Extended abstract: Towards an academic enterprise
Document size: 282kB  
Link between EMCOSU and Tunning Academy
Document size: 149kB  
Presentations from Valorisation Workshop in Brussels
Document size: 4328kB  
Presentation of the EMCOSU project and preliminary results at the EURASHE Seminar on Professional Higher Education (PHE) titled ‘Building bridges for a more professional higher education
Document size: 551kB  
Samo Pavlin: Presentation on 10th International Workshop on Higher Education Reform, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, October 2–4, 2013
Document size: 2309kB  
Interview with prof. Franc Mali (University of Ljubljana) on Cooperation between Universities and Business
Document size: 1002kB  
Assessment of cooperation between higher education institutions and employers in Europe
Document size: 2086kB  
Elaboration of Key Economic Strategies and Economic Sectors
Document size: 1628kB  
The EMCOSU project – some reflections
Document size: 339kB  


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